About Us

Growing up in India can be a unique blend of challenges and opportunities, shaped by its vast population, thriving economy, and diverse cultural heritage.

While the country progresses at a fast phase, there is a section of the population, namely the disabled community that has been marginalised.

With aging population, there is a growing need for accessible infrastructure to support people with disabilities and older adults. However, the accessible infrastructure in India is underdeveloped, especially for these groups, who make up about 10%-15% of the population.

This challenge presented an opportunity, and Ezy Mov was born.
Incorporated in 2015 with a mission to empower people with limited mobility and help them to live their lives to the fullest, we started India's first premier wheelchair accessible transport service, a reliable and dependable service that inspired thousands to travel with dignity!
Our mission is to provide utmost safe and reliable accessible transport service for people suffering from mobility issues and make them "Travel with Dignity"
To offer reliable, innovative and affordable solutions to the mobility challenged with the best available technology to build an Equal World
We have come a long way since then and today, we have evolved into a multifaceted organization, providing a gamut of services related to mobility. Our award-winning solutions and dedication to excellence have made us a trusted partner for individuals, corporates, and state governments alike.

At Ezy Mov, we believe that accessibility is not just a social responsibility, but a commitment to build an inclusive world for everyone.