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While commendable strides are being made by state governments across India in prioritizing inclusive transportation, with modern buses boasting wheelchair ramps and lifts, these solutions often operate primarily on major roads and highways. This creates a crucial "first and last mile" challenge for individuals with limited mobility residing in and navigating smaller lanes and by-lanes.
Here's where our accessible vehicles offer a compelling solution. By seamlessly integrating with the existing public transport infrastructure, we bridge the "first and last mile" gap, ensuring comprehensive accessibility and enhanced connectivity for all individuals with limited mobility.
Our cost-effective and versatile vehicles equip individuals with the flexibility and independence to navigate smaller streets and reach their final destinations conveniently. This ensures an inclusive transportation experience, aligning effortlessly with the state government's commitment to accessible public transport systems.
In essence, we are not merely an alternative mode of transportation; we are the critical link that completes the puzzle, fostering a truly inclusive and accessible transportation network for all.

Accessible Golf carts

Addressing the ever-growing need for inclusive transportation, we design and manufacture customizable wheelchair-accessible vehicles (WAVs) that extend functionality beyond traditional golf carts. These Golf carts provide seamless access and mobility in various settings, including:

Facilitating easy navigation for students and faculty with disabilities.

 Enhancing patient experience and simplifying transportation within healthcare facilities.

 Ensuring equal access to educational opportunities for individuals with mobility limitations.

Providing efficient and comfortable transportation for passengers requiring mobility assistance.

Our customizable designs accommodate single or double wheelchairs alongside four additional passengers, fostering inclusive environments and promoting equal access for everyone. Committed to empowering individuals and creating inclusive spaces, we invite you to connect with us to discuss your specific requirements and explore how our innovative WAVs can transform your environment.

Accessible Holidays:

Traveling with limited mobility shouldn't limit your ability to create lasting memories.

At Ezy Mov, we understand the challenges of planning accessible trips. Finding the right vehicle, wheelchair-friendly accommodations, and ensuring a smooth itinerary can be overwhelming.

That's where we come in.

We take care of everything, from arranging accessible transportation to partnering with renowned hospitality providers who prioritize your needs. We craft personalized itineraries that ensure stress-free experiences and unforgettable moments with friends and family.
Don't let limitations hold you back. Contact Ezy Mov today and let's create your dream accessible holiday.